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Kiss Of Bliss

Lia Lor is recently single and ready to mingle. She went over to spend an afternoon with Malena Morgan who had always been into her. While they where talking, Malena took a call and Lia spotted something in her bag that caught her eye. She pulled out a vibrator and started waving it in Malena’s face while she was still on the phone. Malena finally got off the phone and let her know she had it because you never know when you’re going to need it. That’s when she grabbed her and buried her tongue down her throat. They then took the party inside where they got more comfortable with their clothes off. You don’t want to miss out on all the sexy positions these two get themselves tangled up in. Super wet hot fun!

Kiss Of Bliss starring Lia Lor and Malena Morgan

Girls Rule

Mia Malkova and Malena Morgan went back home after flirting with each other during their morning dance class. They only had a couple of hours before they had to return to school, so the girls indulged in their sexual desires. Mia took off Malena’s spandex top and pants, then she worked her tongue from Malena’s lips to her pretty pussy. After smearing her pussy juice all over Mia’s mouth, Malena stuck her tongue in her tight little asshole and licked it until Mia had an assgasm. The girls passionately kissed while rubbing each other’s clam and had the pleasure of simultaneously reaching climax before returning to school.

Girls Rule starring Mia Malkova and Malena Morgan

Special Treat

Lily Carter and Alyssa Reece came to visit Malena Morgan. Malena just got back from a trip to Miami and she was looking tanned and beautiful. Malena was already naked and taking a bath when Lily and Alyssa arrived. Malena turned over and showed off her tan lines on her sweet rump. Lily and Alyssa went to the bedroom while Malena finished taking a bath and drying off. Malena walked into the bedroom and Lily and Alyssa were already making out. Soon after, they were all naked and licking each other’s pussies and assholes. The girls had a great time!

Special Treat starring Alyssa Reece and Lily Carter with Malena Morgan

Arouse Me

Kennedy Leigh and Malena Morgan just got done shopping for a lingerie party, when they were checking each other out. Malena went in for a closer look at Kennedy’s outfit, and got herself all riled up. They started kissing like they were madly in love with each other. They both wanted more as Malena licked Kennedy’s pussy clean. They moved out into the living room to get closer then ever. They got things heated up and to say the least the lingerie did not make it to the party. It was removed with very little regard for the future events. The party was happening early as far as they were concerned. Kennedy dove into Malena’s ass like it was a pumpkin pie. They swapped around until both of them came multiple times.

Arouse Me starring Kennedy Leigh and Malena Morgan