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Cute Couple

Malena Morgan was playing tour guide this past week. She was showing her friend’s friend Eva Lovia around town and loving it. She was super cute and was all smiles. As she went to the bathroom to get ready for lunch, Malena followed her in. She went behind her and started feeling her up. She was all for it and confessed she had been wanting to fuck ever since she got there. These two hot babes got it on in the bathroom then continued in the bedroom. Don’t miss out on this one, it’s a hot one!

Cute Couple starring Eva Lovia and Malena Morgan

A Womans Touch

Bree Daniels and Malena Morgan were taking a trip down memory lane and they got all riled up remembering all the good times they had together. Once the bedroom door opened up, the dresses came down, the stockings were ripped off and the tongue lashings began. Malena took out a humming vibrator and gave Bree the works. Any time these two are together, they have a memorable time.

A Womans Touch starring Bree Daniels and Malena Morgan

That Good Good

Alyssa Reece and Malena Morgan fall to the ground after a strenuous workout. Alyssa starts to admire Malena’s heaving breasts and glistening sweat covered body. Alyssa playfully caresses Malena’s stomach and pats her between the legs as she reaches over. Malena takes this as her cue, grabs Alyssa, and buries her tongue into her mouth as she gets a handful of Alyssa’s tight, sexy, ass. The girls start licking and sucking each other ecstatically as the sweat continues to flow. Malena begs for her ass to be eaten and Alyssa gives her what she wants. This favor is soon reciprocated as the asslicking and pussylicking continues. Alyssa has to beg Malena to stop at one point as the pleasure becomes too intense with each orgasm. They eventually collapse on top of each other, their muscles tired, after two very stimulating workouts.

That Good Good starring Alyssa Reece and Malena Morgan

Beyond Sexy

Malena Morgan tells the story: After a couple hours at the mall trying on new outfits and teasing each other because we weren’t wearing anything under our dresses, Maddy O’Reilly and I had to get back to our little get away hotel spot. We were so turned on. As soon as we got into our room, we stared kissing. We continued onto the bed and stripped down. We slobbered on each other’s pussies for some afternoon ecstasy. Maddy wanted to please me even more, so she had some extra’s. She tongued my ass for what seemed like hours. She got me so wet and excited. After we heated up the bed, we had to cool off a bit in the shower. We didn’t leave the action in the bed though. We continued our pussy munching in the shower until we couldn’t keep our legs from shaking with pleasure anymore.

Beyond Sexy starring Maddy O'Reilly and Malena Morgan

Sexy Spread

We have some gorgeous babes waiting for you this week. A brunette and a redhead ready to make you want more girl on girl action. Brooklyn Lee and Malena Morgan wasted no time getting their hands all over each other to rip everything off. Before long, these two hot girls where buried up to their faces in ass and pussy. They had some serious moves and knew how to hit all the right buttons to make each other go nuts.

Sexy Spread starring Brooklyn Lee and Malena Morgan